Open Your Business with Eho Sushi: Franchising

About Us

Eho Sushi is a successful company that has been operating in the Estonian market for over eight years. We specialize in delivering high-quality Japanese cuisine right to our customers' doors. Our mission is to provide healthy and delicious food with an emphasis on quality and convenience.

Why Eho Sushi?

  • Strong and recognizable brand in the Estonian market
  • Customers throughout Estonia
  • Ready-made business style
  • Ready-made online store
  • Ready-made mobile application
  • Well-developed menu
  • Favorable procurement prices from suppliers
  • Support and training
  • Marketing support and various solutions
  • Guaranteed protection from competition
  • Business automation with Jitmeal
  • Integration with Bolt Food & Wolt (all orders go directly to the cash register)
  • Good commission rates from aggregators and the best conditions

What's Included in the Package?

  • When you open an Eho Sushi franchise, you gain access to the following resources:
  • Knowledge base for a successful start and business development.
  • Marketing support to attract customers.
  • Information system for managing your business.
  • Training center for staff education.
  • Quality control to ensure high standards.

Would you like to receive a presentation or additional information? Please write to us at the email address

We are ready to answer all your questions and help you start your successful business with Eho Sushi.